Health Education

The mission of the MTW Health Education Division is to promote individual and community health behaviors, which increase the span of healthy life and assure access to essential preventive health services for all people living in Martin, Tyrrell and Washington counties.

Health Promotion

The Statewide Health Promotion program supports community-wide programs that improve the health of North Carolina by reducing the prevalence of chronic diseases. Funds are distributed to health promotion programs in local health departments throughout the state to work with community partners in creating policy changes and environmental supports addressing at least one of the three major chronic disease risk factors: physical inactivity, poor diet, and tobacco use.

The North Carolina General Assembly created the NC Statewide Health Promotion Program in 1987. Recognized as the first in the nation, the program sustains on-going comprehensive health promotion efforts.

Poor diet, physical inactivity and tobacco use are behaviors contributing to the leading preventable causes of death in North Carolina and are known risk factors for chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and obesity. Efforts to address health behavior change in individuals or populations must include environmental changes to address these behaviors.

Worksite Health Promotion and Wellness

Health care for employees is one of the largest expenses in many businesses. In order to help businesses address the rising cost of health care, the Health Education Department at the health department provides on-site health screenings, education programs, and consultation on developing health promotion programs and policies. These services are tailored to your specific needs and are provided on a contractual basis. For more information, please call 791-3139.

Faith-based Heart Health Education Program

In an effort to promote cardiovascular health, this district program supports efforts that encourage communities to recognize health conditions - high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, overweight, and diabetes - as CVD risk factors, provide access to regular preventive health care services, and increase awareness of the importance of disease management, including patient self-management. This also involves increasing public awareness of the warning signs of health attack and stroke and the appropriate action in the presence of those signs. It also involves ensuring that systems are in place to assure access to appropriate and timely care, starting with activation of 911 system, emergency transport, quality acute care, prevention of recurrent events and access to rehabilitation services. For more information, please call 791-3139.

Smoking Cessation

The Smoking Cessation program offered by the MTW District Health Department utilizes the Freedom From Smoking Program by the American Lung Association. This program meets once a week over an 8 week period. For more information, contact the Health Promotion Cooridinator at 791-3139.

STD and HIV/AIDS Education

STD and HIV/AIDS presentations are available by request. Presentations are made to schools, churches and the community by request. For more information, please call 791-3125.

Classroom and Group Education

Health educators are available to high schools (grades 9-12), church groups, and community groups to educate adolescents on a variety of topics. Abstinence is always promoted as the best choice for teens. Parental permission is needed for some topics (see below). Health educators encourage students to talk with their parents regarding sexuality and health related issues. Studies have shown that parental involvement is crucial to the prevention of teenage pregnancy.

Here are the topics covered by the Classroom and Group Education Program:

  • Abstinence*
  • Alcohol and other drugs
  • Communication
  • Contraception*
  • Dating Violence
  • Decision making
  • Goal setting
  • Hygiene
  • Puberty/reproduction*
  • Self esteem
  • Sexuallly Transmitted Diseases (STDs)*
  • Teen parenting
  • Tobacco

*NOTE: Requires parental consent.

Community Collaboration

Health Educators work collaboratively with other organizations in Martin, Tyrrell and Washington counties in providing education services to adults and adolescents. Additionally, health educators serve on local councils and task forces whose mission is the prevention of healthier lifestyles such as teenage pregnancy prevention. We are very grateful to have such wonderful cooperation with various agencies, organizations, and local schools in this community. It will take all of us working together to tackle the problems in Martin, Tyrrell and Washington counties.